19th Aug, 2017


Prompting & claiming

Prompting is open at:

[community profile] weasleyjumpers for all your ginger needs. ;) Post is here, prompting through August 31.

[community profile] snape_potter for this year's Secret Snarry Swap. Prompting is open through Aug 28, posts are here: DW, LJ, IJ.

[info]mini_fest, a holiday classic. Prompt here through August 25! (They really could use some more, from what I can see. If you have any bunnies to spare, perhaps you could set them free here.)

Claiming is open at:

[info]hp_nextgen_fest here. Always a yummy fest. Go check out the prompts and see if any pique your interest.


We're just under two weeks away from [info]bbtp_challenge, posting September 1st!

14th Aug, 2017



I've put the tag request post up for [info]bbtp_challenge here. This is where you let us know you're writing for Doctor Who or Wonder Woman or Political RPF (please, no unless it's Trudeau/Macron, I'd read that LOL).

I've got a gross day ahead of me and even though it culminates with dinner out, I'm not looking forward to it. Hope you survive Monday intact. ♥

10th Aug, 2017


Happy birthday, Alisanne!

Happy birthday, hon!!!

Give me a prompt and I'll attempt to write something for you. ♥