6th Apr, 2013

FIC: Toffee and Clover (Neville/Severus, R)

Title: Toffee and Clover
Author: Serpenscript
Pairing: Neville/Severus
Rating: R for nudity and past themes of violence
Wordcount: 2000~
Kinks: Healing touch? :X
Warnings:Mental trauma, PTSD, past abuse/torture
Summary: When Severus is locked in the past, Neville's touch brings him home again.
Notes: Written for Hellebore, who wanted pet!Severus and hurt/comfort, and no smut :P

Nights were difficult. Nights were filled with shadows and sounds... )

10th Mar, 2013

FIC: Black Blood (Sirius/Severus, Regulus/Severus, NC17)

Title: Black Blood
Author/Artist: Serpenscript
Pairing(s)/Characters: Sirius/Severus, Regulus/Severus
Rating: NC17
Word count: 5100~
Warnings: noncon/dubcon, slavery, humiliation, exhibition, maid outfits, violence, mention of whipping, piercing, verbal abuse
Summary: Sirius has a special gift for Regulus' birthday.
Notes: This is NOT a happy story. Unhinged!Sirius, nice!Regulus.

Black Blood )

FIC: The Caged Beast (Remus/Severus, NC17)

Title: The Caged Beast
Author: Serpenscript
Pairing/Characters: Remus Lupin, Severus Snape
Summary: When Death Eaters lock Remus in a cage with Severus on the full moon and denied wolfsbane, he resorts to any means to save Severus' life.
Prompt: original
Rating: NC-17 (R?)
Word count: 2300~
Warnings: noncon, bestiality, knotting, rimming, blood
Spoilers (Highlight to read):
Author/Artist's notes: Written for Darkfest! IE, this is a DARK fic! Please pay attention to warnings!

The Caged Beast )

24th Mar, 2012

FIC: Dast Dare, NC17, James/Severus (WARNINGS)

Title: Dast Dare
Author/Artist: Serpenscript
Pairing(s)/Characters: James/Severus
Rating: NC17/R
Word count: 7000ish~
Warnings: Noncon, violence, verbal abuse, humiliation, first time sex, violence, slight chan (winter of their 7th year)
Summary: Dast Dare was a wizarding variant of truth or dare favoured by the dark supporters. Rules were set prior to rounds; each round lasted a week. And those who chickened out on their dare were magically bound to honor the penalty.
Author/Artist's notes: This is not the fluffy-type noncon where everyone orgasms and has a jolly good time! This was written to be hurty to indulge a dark bunny I had. If it’s not your thing....don’t read it.

Dast Dare )