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13th Apr, 2012

FIC: The Tormented, Snape/Ginny, NC17

Title: The Tormented
Author/Artist: Serpenscript
Pairing(s)/Characters: Severus Snape/Ginny Weasley, background Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter
Rating: NC17
Word count: 850~
Warnings: Dark!Ginny, mentions of fisting, verbal abuse, oversized dildow
Summary: Ginny visits a prostitute with revenge in mind.
Notes: This is a fliclet taken from another universe. So the scene and background may be really confusing, but the end was so punchy to me and it felt like it could almost stand alone, so I thought why not. That, and Curi wanted to read it XD

The strap-on dildo Ginevra Weasley was wearing was ruby-red... )

28th Jun, 2010

Consolation COin, 1/? (NC17)

Title: Consolation Coin
Challenge: LMOM #5
Kink: Whoring, strip tease, more to come
Author: Serpenscript
Word count: 588 ish
First attempted posting: May 5, right around 11:PM EST.
Notes: I like the idea behind this, but I am FAR too incoherent to do it *well* tonight. but it will be continued through the month, interspersed with other things :)

Consolation Prize )

Consolation Coin, 2/? (NC17)

LMoM #6: Consolation Coin 2/?
Rating: NC-17
Word COunt: 527
Pairing: Remus/George
Kinks: Prostitution
Challenge: LMOM 2008
Notes: Should get hotter soon. Working on it! T_T

Remus had always wondered... )

19th Dec, 2009

Only Fools: 12 Days of Snarry, R

Title: Only Fools
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Rating: R
Word Count: 100 x 12
Warnings: language, mentions of spanking, S&M

Originally planned to post one day at a time with the last falling on Christmas, but since I waited too long to start posting, you get them all in one lot :) Enjoy!

Only Fools, 1/12 (Snarry, R)

Title: Only Fools, 1/12
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Rating: R
Word Count: 100 x 12
Warnings: language, mentions of spanking, S&M

For weeks now, he'd been aware of Potter watching him, his eyes like a prickling sensation between Snape's shoulders. It was easy to ignore; he'd had years of practice ignoring hostile stares.

Except then Potter began sending things. Rare potions ingredients, good scotch, subscriptions to the newest potion periodicals. It went beyond pranking, a mockery of courtship behavior.

He finally caught Potter alone and hissed into his face, "You will cease this behavior at once! I will not be made a fool of!"

Potter's eyes were bright with - what? Hate? Loathing?

No, determination.

"Then make a fool of me, Professor."

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2nd Apr, 2009

Drabble: Definition of 'Free', R, 4/?

Title: Definition of 'Free'
Pairing: Harry/Draco, background Ron/Hermione
Rating: will vary, up to R
Warnings: slavery, slash
Word Count: 200

When Harry prepared to Apparate back home to mete out discipline, Ron asked if he could go along. "I'd love to see the Ferret's face when he realises what's coming to him" he snickered, dodging Hermione's incoming punch.

Harry couldn't help grinning back, but shook his head. "I don't think that's a good idea, Ron. It's going to be hard enough as it is."

"What? Harry, after everything the ferret did, how can you not want -"

Harry cut him off. "I'm responsible for him, Ron. Not just in control. I'm not doing this for revenge, or -" He raked a hand through his hair and struggled to explain. "When you abandoned Hermione and me - would you have wanted us to confront you on that publically?"

Ron's eyes narrowed. "I thought we'd moved past that, so why bring it up now?"

Hermione laid a hand on his arm. "We have, Ron, it's not like that," she assured him, then explained, "he's trying to say that discipline is best done quietly, without humiliation or fanfare. Humiliation should never be used as punishment; it's cruel."

"It's something Voldemort was very good at," Harry added quietly. "And I don't plan to be anything like him."

Link to Part One

1st Apr, 2009

Drabble: Definition of 'Free', R, 3/?

Title: Definition of 'Free'
Pairing: Harry/Draco, background Ron/Hermione
Rating: will vary, up to R
Warnings: slavery, slash
Word Count: 200

Draco hated what the magic binding him required of him, and fought it tooth and claw. He hated calling Potter 'Master', but worse, he couldn't even do magic, not even a simple Lumos.

Harry got tired of Malfoy's whining quickly. Following Hermione's reluctant advice he assigned him chores to do, like folding the laundry and washing dishes and cooking.

Consequently, Harry found his bed short-sheeted (he had thought that was a purely muggle trick!). The first meal Draco made had been burned to charcoal, completely unedible - they had to order takaeout, Draco smirking as if he'd won a battle. And then he'd deliberately broken many of the dishes he'd dirtied in his 'cooking', forcing Harry to spend the evening repairing the antique china plates.

Harry had flooed over to the Burrow to ask Ron and Hermione for advice; surprisingly, it was Molly who had the solution. "If he's acting like a child, treat him accordingly," she said firmly. "A quick turn over your knee and several swats should do nicely, I should think - nothing hurt but his pride, and that could do with being taken down a notch!"

Ron had stared in shock, but Hermione, surprisingly, had grinned.

31st Mar, 2009

Drabble: Definition of 'Free', R, 2/?

Title: Definition of 'Free'
Pairing: Harry/Draco, background Ron/Hermione
Rating: will vary, up to R
Warnings: slavery, slash
Word Count: 200

Buying a slave was not at all what Harry expected; there were ceremonies, binding rituals, contracts signed in blood - things you'd expect of Dark magic.

Hermione insisted that any ritual that enslaved one human being to another against their will had to be dark arts. Ron said it used to be common practice for conquering wizards to enslave their defeated enemies, and didn't muggles used to do that too? After screaming at Ron, it was her turn to ask Harry what he meant to do with his newest acquisition.

Trutfully, Harry had no idea. It wasn't as if he'd meant to buy Malfoy, after all.

Once Hermione had calmed down, she had helped him research Wizard enslavement laws. "He needs a collar, something to mark him as yours. It's not just selfishness," she warned, forstalling his protests, "it's a mark of your protection. He has a lot of enemies."

Harry had snorted at that; Malfoy hardly needed his protection!

He changed his mind when he saw Draco at the ceremony, where he was forced to strip and kneel to receive the collar. He was pale and shivering; the collar was a slash of color against his skin, like Sectumsempra.

Link to Part One

30th Mar, 2009

Drabble: Definition of 'Free', R, 1/?

Name of this series is still sort of undecided, so expect it to change.

Title: Definition of 'Free'
Pairing: Harry/Draco, background Ron/Hermione
Rating: will vary, up to R
Warnings: slavery, slash
Word Count: 200

Prospective slaves - the Death-Eater prisoners who were considered just 'tame' enough to domesticate - were on display for those present, spelled into docility. Unlike the slaves, however, the crowd looking over the wares were there voluntarily, and by invitation only: there because the Ministry thought them strong enough, clever enough, and cruel enough to handle a slave who might plot the death and destruction of their owner.

Harry didn't want a slave. However, he absolutely loathed Umbridge, who had somehow gotten off with no more than a wrist slapping. He suspected she'd bribed someone to be here.

When she started bidding with her simpering, "Hem hem, 5 galleons, if you please," he literally saw red, clenching his hands into fists so tight that the scar - I will not tell lies - stood out white against his flushed skin, his wand held in a white-knuckled grip.

His hand shot up like he was under Imperius. "Ten galleons," he heard his own voice say, cold and harsh. He had more than enough galleons, even if the Ministry itself backed her.

Still, when the bidding ended, he found himself the shocked owner of one Draco Malfoy.

He hadn't even known who he was bidding on.

Link to Part Two

Drabble: Ghosts, G

Title: Ghosts
Pairing: Neville/Luna
Rating: G
Word Count: 300

Mostly Neville found he didn't mind losing his memories, not when it meant forgetting the horrible things that had happened: things he was only able to guess at, from reading newspaper articles and looking at the photographs thrust at him in hopes of jogging a memory that stubbornly refused to return.

His Grandmother dragged him to visit his parents, her pride for Neville vanished, replaced with bitterness that he had forgotten everything he owed his parents. But how was he to have known those candy wrappers were gifts?

He knew he'd lost all the worst memories, but he was fairly certain that he had lost all his good memories, too - especially when Luna came to talk to him, in her distant dreamy manner.

She'd indulged him, following him around to all the places everyone had said he'd liked - more attempts by his well-meaning friends to jog his memory. "It's ok to not remember everything," she told him, every time he felt discouraged by the pressure.

The memories were gone, but he was certain that in those memories he'd known her. It was to her he confessed the strange phantom-memories he had. "When I walk around Hogwarts, I don't remember anything, but still my feet feel like they've never walked anywhere else; when I'm in the greenhouse and close my eyes, I feel as if I'll suddenly remember when I open my eyes."

Later, Luna had suddenly interrupted their perusal of the recent Quibbler edition to look at him intently, dreamy eyes unusually focused over the rim of her spectrespecs. "It's normal, you know; memories, like people, have ghosts. Some people find ghosts scary, but I actually think they're quite reassuring." She smiled, "In a way, I think it's our memories telling us we haven't - quite - lost something very precious."

6th Dec, 2008

Drabble: Do Not Mix, PG13

Drabble: Do Not Mix
Characters: Snape, Harry
Disclaimer: Not mine

It was Harry bloody Potter's fault, of course. Because of COURSE the Boy Who Lived had to be an abject failure in mixing potions! He melted not one, not two, but THREE cauldrons in one class before Snape snapped and gave him detention.

During that detention, Harry was SUPPOSED to be making a simple strengthening potion. A potion a first year should have accomplished adeptly by the end of his first year. But Potter botched it - and not only did he botch it, he dropped it.

In slow motion Snape went to catch it - but missed -

Shouldn't he have used his wand? -

--and it crashed into some other bottles. He could hear the glass shattering. What else broke?

The potent fumes of mishmash potions wafted up to him; reflexively, he inhaled. Wrong move. He could feel the potions affecting him; nearby Harry regarded him warily. I should give him a month of detentions -

He felt his loins tighten; he suddenly knew which potion Harry had broken. And mixed with a botched strengthening potion....

Well, if he was going to suffer, he'd bloody well make sure Potter did, too. "Come clean up your mess," he sneered. At least watching him hide a hard-on he can't explain will be amusing...

Drabble: Out of Madness, PG13

Drabble: Out of Madness
Pairing: Neville/Luna
Disclaimer: Not mine

Something about the war had changed him. It had changed all of them, to be sure, but it had changed the very heart of what Neville was.

It had broken through the core of fear and replaced it with a sort of madness. Tapping into that - and gaining some confidence in himself - led him to exploring new facets of his personality. And exploring relationships. He'd tentatively toyed with the notion of being bent, and had even flirted with the Boy Who Lived.

Eventually, it was the Ravenclaw who held his attention. Her silky blonde hair was a waving flag that signaled the path back to safety; her dreamy eyes brought him back to reality.

And the heat that welcomed him alone - that sacred, consuming heat between her legs - brought him home.

After the first time, she never failed to bring him home when the madness took him from her.

Drabble: Between the Lines, 8/?

Between the Lines
Word Count: 100

When Dumbledore died, a part of Neville died as well. The thought of never again seeing those kind, twinkling blue eyes or hearing that warm voice – the world lost something precious on the day Dumbledore fell.

Everyone was caught in a stupor of shock and grief; first the funeral, and then the closing of Hogwarts. When the train pulled out and he watched Hogwarts disappearing into the distance, he mourned for Dumbledore's death – and for another sense of loss. The library was lost to him now, too...

Like so many before him, Neville thought, Someday when this war is over...

Drabble: Between the Lines 7/?

Between the Lines
Word Count: 100

When the DA was discovered, Neville was afraid his work was for nothing.

The books were waiting for him. It was easier to find them; maybe he was starting to 'think eclectically' - as his unknown tutor might have said. Every week there was another book waiting, giving him time to pore over each page. Sometimes the lessons were right on the surface; other times they were cleverly buried. It gave him a headache, but he honestly didn't mind.

He learned to sift for the important things. They were always there.

He wondered if he'd ever get to meet her.

Drabble: Between the Lines 6/?

Between the Lines
Word Count: 100

She was surprised when Hermione found her in the library and held out a book; less surprised when she read the title: Magical Battles Through the Ages. It had been Neville's most recent find. "Aren't you worried that Madam Pince will catch you?"

Luna shook her head. "They're not her books to start with." To Hermione's baffled glance she added, "Keeping them in the library is safer than the dormitories. I didn't intend for him to find them." Not at first.

Hermione understood. "Can you help me get an article published?"

Luna twirled a radish earring. "I'd love to help."

Drabble: Between the Lines 5/?

Between the Lines
Word Count: 100

She joined the DA because she would do anything to put one in Voldemort's eye, but she also joined because of him. She still chose books on a wide subject matter to write in, but made sure there was enough in the margins to help him with defensive and offensive spells. Funny anecdotes were related just enough to justify their presence. If Neville noticed the funny stories all carried hidden tips, he never divulged them to anyone else.

Maybe he picked them up without knowing - because he improved rapidly, and it wasn't just Harry's teaching and his own determination.

Drabble: Between the Lines 4/?

Between the Lines
Word Count: 100

Finding the books became a source of enjoyment for Neville; sometimes the book was brand new, sometimes very old. Sometimes he felt he learned more from the margins than he did the book itself. Whoever writes these, he thought, must be very clever.

Midterms came suddenly and in the flurry of tests, the books were set aside and forgotten.

The Ravenclaw student hadn't. When her studies were done she worked her way through an old book, scrawling notes in the margins as she read.

She wondered just when she'd stopped writing them for herself – and started writing them for him.

Drabble: Between the Lines 3/?

Between the Lines
WC: 100

It was several weeks before he found another: a History of Magic text, so old it was no longer used. The cover was falling off, yet he found himself handing it to Madam Pince to check out.

The margins were full of witty anecdotes again. He laughed aloud as he read it, which caught Hermione's attention when he brought it with him to breakfast. "Neville, what's so funny?" she hissed, when he'd laughed too loudly.

"Sorry," he said, "I never knew history could be funny!" Hermione looked at him oddly. Across the hall, a Ravenclaw looked at him with interest.

Drabble: Snow Angel - PG13

Title: Snow Angel
Characters: Harry, Draco
Rating: PG13 for blood and violence
Word Count: 500

The fresh-fallen snow is a cold austere blanket over these grounds. It makes Hogwarts seem long-abandoned, though in truth only a few years have gone by since the war against Voldemort and his demise – and the final closing of Hogwarts. It is just a hollowed-out shell; only an army of ghosts and bad memories walk those desecrated halls now.

It's the perfect place for retribution – and redemption.

He comes to him there, barefoot, clad in only his Slytherin robes, his skin pale and his cheeks wind scoured into bright roses. His eyes – sharp shards of rainy skies – are full of shadows, fear, uncertainty. But still, he comes. Still he drops his robe and stands in the snow naked in front of Harry, nearly as pale as the landscape.

Once he would have said Draco's heart was colder than the snow – but he knows better now.

It only takes an hour for his retribution to be cut into the blond's skin, for the failures and sins to be catalogued in blood. The fresh blood against the cold flesh is vivid, richer and darker than the blood of innocents, tainted. He uses a small, sharp blade; it makes the retribution personal. It drives the lesson home.

Draco never whimpers, never twitchs. The cold is a balm; he will feel the burning pain later. It is part of the healing process; nor will he speed the healing with spells or potions. He knows what is necessary and he will obey. He lies spread on the snow, arms flung wide, streaming with crimson - a fallen snow angel, marked and punished.

Later there will be more retribution – but not too much, now. Such a fine line to walk – he doesn't want Draco broken, he wants him shattered. So much more to come. But for now, there will be kindness – and the subsequent retribution will be all the more harsh for it.

“Get dressed.”

Clumsily Draco stands, numb; he knows what is expected of him. Silently he drapes the robe back over his lacerated body; the cloak will freeze to his wounds on the walk back. Tenderly, Harry touches the blond's face, strokes his cold cheek with a warm, bloody hand. “The blood sains you,” he told him earnestly, seriously. “Each time a little more.” The blond nods his head. Harry wonders what he thinks, if he really believes him – or if he understands -

- understands that the retribution will never really end. But it doesn't matter, because in the end, he always comes, and always bleeds, and neither of them ever heal.

Draco leaves first, as always; walking home the long way. His feet will be all but frozen and will need medical care. Harry allows that, so he can walk humbly to his next punishment. But not for long.

The wind is cold, cutting sideways and toying with Harry's cloak as he walks to the edge of the grounds to apparate. Cold – but not as cold as Draco.

And never as cold as Harry.

Drabble: Between the Lines 2/?

Between the Lines
Word Count: 100

It really wasn't so much what the book was about; in truth, it was dreadfully dull. What was interesting was that someone had written in the margins all through it, witty and sarcastic and sometimes utterly nonsensical. But reading it all jumbled together somehow made it (which was a lengthy discourse on the effects of Mimbletonia on the Sahara desert – ergo, nothing) seem hilariously funny.

He'd finished the entire book in a week and returned to the library for another, hoping that he'd find another one like it - one written over. But who would dare write in Madam Pince's precious books?

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