2nd Jul, 2010

The Pruning of Draco Malfoy (NC17)

Title: The Pruning of Draco Malfoy
Pairing(s): Neville/Draco, implied Neville/multiple others
Word Count: ~8,100
Rating: NC17/R
Summary: People are more like plants than they sometimes realise.
Warnings: underage characters (17), AU, caning, mentions of torture, BDSM, character death (no main characters), reluctant!sex, public!sex, purple prose
A/N: Initially the Draco/Neville scene was meant to be a flashback and setup for Neville's character development, with Neville ending up with someone else, before the flashback just took over and became the story. Someday I may write the other 'half'. Written for Sunporn.

The Pruning of Draco Malfoy )