6th Apr, 2010

A Vacation, Neville/Luna (R/NC17)

Title: A Vacation
Rating: R? NC17? NSFW? I hate rating things T_T
Pairing: Luna/Neville
Summary: Luna has her own way of winning arguments.
Notes: Something written for fun, well over a year ago. I don't think it ever got posted anywhere.

You need a vacation.  )

30th Mar, 2009

Drabble: Ghosts, G

Title: Ghosts
Pairing: Neville/Luna
Rating: G
Word Count: 300

Mostly Neville found he didn't mind losing his memories, not when it meant forgetting the horrible things that had happened: things he was only able to guess at, from reading newspaper articles and looking at the photographs thrust at him in hopes of jogging a memory that stubbornly refused to return.

His Grandmother dragged him to visit his parents, her pride for Neville vanished, replaced with bitterness that he had forgotten everything he owed his parents. But how was he to have known those candy wrappers were gifts?

He knew he'd lost all the worst memories, but he was fairly certain that he had lost all his good memories, too - especially when Luna came to talk to him, in her distant dreamy manner.

She'd indulged him, following him around to all the places everyone had said he'd liked - more attempts by his well-meaning friends to jog his memory. "It's ok to not remember everything," she told him, every time he felt discouraged by the pressure.

The memories were gone, but he was certain that in those memories he'd known her. It was to her he confessed the strange phantom-memories he had. "When I walk around Hogwarts, I don't remember anything, but still my feet feel like they've never walked anywhere else; when I'm in the greenhouse and close my eyes, I feel as if I'll suddenly remember when I open my eyes."

Later, Luna had suddenly interrupted their perusal of the recent Quibbler edition to look at him intently, dreamy eyes unusually focused over the rim of her spectrespecs. "It's normal, you know; memories, like people, have ghosts. Some people find ghosts scary, but I actually think they're quite reassuring." She smiled, "In a way, I think it's our memories telling us we haven't - quite - lost something very precious."

6th Dec, 2008

Drabble: Out of Madness, PG13

Drabble: Out of Madness
Pairing: Neville/Luna
Disclaimer: Not mine

Something about the war had changed him. It had changed all of them, to be sure, but it had changed the very heart of what Neville was.

It had broken through the core of fear and replaced it with a sort of madness. Tapping into that - and gaining some confidence in himself - led him to exploring new facets of his personality. And exploring relationships. He'd tentatively toyed with the notion of being bent, and had even flirted with the Boy Who Lived.

Eventually, it was the Ravenclaw who held his attention. Her silky blonde hair was a waving flag that signaled the path back to safety; her dreamy eyes brought him back to reality.

And the heat that welcomed him alone - that sacred, consuming heat between her legs - brought him home.

After the first time, she never failed to bring him home when the madness took him from her.